The surroundings

As varied as it is unspoiled and wild, this is a place in which to discover beaches, cliffs, smaller islands, mountains, woods, wetlands, natural monuments, caves and rivers.
Long walks in search of hidden coves and finding the natural monument of S’Archittu. Obligatory stops are at the white quartz beach of Is Arutas and the unexplored Sinis peninsula at which to admire the remains of the ancient Punic Phoenician city of Tharros.
Lots of trekking in the rugged Montiferru habitat of wild animals, along the Planargese coast and in the marshy areas to admire pink flamingos and, for birdwatchers, other different breeds of birds
For the more adventurous, nothing is more wonderful than an underwater dive in the crystal clear waters of Sardinia, followed by a relaxing boat excursion on the only navigable river, the Temo.
Horseback riding from Planargia to Montiferru or mountain bike itineraries on the volcanic massif of Monte Arci.