La Maison

Hotel Maison Tresnuraghes is located in the historic centre of Tresnuraghes, a small village on the north-western coast of Sardinia, in the province of Oristano.
It is an “albergo diffuso” (distributed hotel) composed of several restored houses gathered around a large courtyard used as a garden and surrounded by walls that protect its privacy.
The entire Maison has the colour of stone, enhanced by the Terra di Siena coloured mortar, and preserves the elegant architectural lines of the Sardinian-Spanish palazzetti with small balconies, a large front door and a panoramic roof terrace from which the view sweeps over the surrounding rolling hills and the sea.

The houses overlooking the patio have been restored to their original appearance with exposed walls in yellow tuff and black basalt that recall the warm atmosphere of the Maltese and North African medinas.

Why a Distributed Hotel?

Because it is an opportunity for the regeneration and improvement of small towns and villages, often abandoned, and at the same time a new philosophy of hospitality.
It allows the traveller to stay in houses and palaces designed to be real homes in contact with the real daily life of the locals and their culture.
Thus it is a new and environmentally friendly type of hospitality: a bit of hotel, a bit of village, a bit of home. Hence the name Maison Tresnuraghes.

Eng. Grattoggi
Designer of the property

The Garden

Planted with a variety of palms and flowers, the garden has an ancient functioning well, a large free-falling fountain, a lemon house with citrus plants and various wrought iron gazebos equipped with tables and loungers where guests can relax, read and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the place.
The patio is particularly lovely when the antique iron lamps of Bevagna which hang from the tuffs illuminate the night sky with wondrous light.