MAISON TRESNURAGHES is located in the historic centre of Tresnuraghes, a small village on the north-west coast of Sardinia (Oristano).

It is an HOTEL DIFFUSO or SCATTERED HOTEL consisting of two aged houses superbly restored gathered around a large patio. A garden surrounded by walls protects the guests' privacy.

The external facade
Exalted by the burnt Sienna colour mortar it preserves the elegant architectural lines of the Spanish-Sardinian buildings with narrow balconies, a main doorway and a roof terrace. From the top you can enjoy the stunning view over the Malvasia vineyards and the bright blue sea.

The internal facade
It has been restored to its original appearance. The yellow tuff and black basalt remind you of the warm atmosphere of Maltese and North African medinas.

The breakfast room
With Italian and Chinese antique furniture it will welcome you in a glamorous atmosphere with delicious food for a proper start.

The garden
With flowers and palm trees it has an ancient well still working, a great fountain, a lemon-house with citrus trees and gazebos in wrought iron with tables and deckchairs. A relax area where you can read or enjoy the peaceful environment.
The Patio becomes particularly charming when the old iron lights from Bevagna (Umbria) brighten the night sky with a magic light.

Because it is an opportunity to restore and enhance tiny towns and villages in disrepair and offer a new philosophy of hospitality. It allows "the traveller" to stay in buildings planned to be real houses in contact with the local population and their culture, therefore having an authentic experience of living within the community.

An albergo diffuso effectively honours and makes use of all that environment and history has to offer – renovating existing structures, serving local cuisine, using products of the region and employing residents. Therefore it is a new and respectful way of reception: a bit of a hotel, a bit of a village, a bit of a house! That is the reason why we have called our hotel MAISON TRESNURAGHES.

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